Your Local Amish Food Store

Stop in today to experience the rich, tasty delights of Amish-made foods!

Troyer's Cafe

Enjoy made-from-scratch quality lunches & dinners from our cafe which is open whenever the store is open. Sandwiches, Salads, Soups, and more.

Baked Goods

Enjoy made-from-scratch baked goods that are made here at Troyers. Some say these are the best baked goods they’ve ever had. Stop in to see for yourself. 

Troyer's Catering

Like Troyer’s food? Then get us to cater your events. We can cater weddings, parties, reunions, holiday events, etc. 

Pierhouse Coffee

Our in-house coffee shop has all kinds of great drinks. Using our home-made speciality syrups, these coffee drinks are one of a kind. 

Meat & Cheese Counter

We have all kinds of meat & cheese available directly from Amish Country Ohio. You can order by the pound or by the slice and we’ll get it ready for you. 

Unique Candies & Snack Mixes

Featuring unique & great tasting candies & snack mixes from Amish country Ohio and Amish country Pennslyvania, these are great for any event or just for munching. 

Wildflower Gift Shop

Featuring all kinds of unique gifts, wall pictures, and practical kitchen items our in-house gift shop is sure to please your gifting needs. 

Jams, Jellies, & Canned Goods

Want to try out unique jam & jelly flavors? Our canned goods section includes a huge variety of jams and jellies as well as other canned goods that will be sure to please. 

Bulk Food for Cooking & Baking

Get your flours, sugars, spices, pastas, and much more here at Troyers. We have almost anything you’ll ever need for your own cooking and baking. 

Ready-Made Meals

Our frozen section is loaded with lots of meals that you just need to heat up. This includes frozen veggies, meats, pizza, and our own homemade casseroles. 

Grocery Staples

We have all of your staple foods as well like milk, eggs, condiments, etc. Troyers really is a one-stop shop for all of your shopping needs.


Our produce section is filled with local-grown produce that comes in freshly picked. Support local by getting your fruits and veggies here. 

4.9 Star Rating On FACEBOOK!

Super nice country market with a great selection and reasonable prices. Well, worth checking out if you’ve never been there.

Tim Ashcraft

Great store. Beautiful. I can buy most of my groceries at Troyer. Also they have great gifts.

Sue Yarian Caudill

The smoked chicken we tried on Thursday was DELICIOUS! Investing in a smoker was a great idea! And, of course, there just aren’t any better donuts in Knox County!!

Jan Taylor

Love going there. Frequently shop at Troyer’s and they have a little bit of everything..Fresh sliced cheese, meats, baked goods, canned goods, fruit and vegetables. Enjoy seeing what else I can try out.

Linda Spence Yunker

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