Your Wedding Day Is Supposed To Be The Most Exciting Day Of Your Life. Avoid Complications By Hosting It At Troyers!

No hidden fees. Just a beautiful venue for your wedding...

Your Wedding. Done Your Way!


Choosing the perfect place to host your wedding can be stressful. 

It needs to feel and look like the BEST day of your life. So, that, when all things are said and done, you're able to look back on the memories with with a fondness... knowing you chose the best place for you!

That's the beauty of having your special day at Troyers. 

You can set it up as you like. 

From where to put the tables to the dance floor, and everything in between... it's up to you!

And, the good thing is, we have everything you'll need to make your day wonderful in every way... for you and up to 300 of your best friends and family!

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A Beautiful Space

You can customize the space however you'd like to. Want tables set up around a dance floor, you can do so. Want the backdrop to be the wooden wall? Go ahead. It's your day, and should be your style!

Serving Table

The space has a great serving setup making it easy for guests to enjoy your wedding menu. It will work perfectly for whoever you choose to cater your wedding. And, as usual, you get to set it up as you will.

Outdoor Bar Area

Want to serve drinks and appetizers before the wedding at the outdoor bar area, you can do so. This is a great place to get guests even more excited about being able to attend your wedding day!

Tables And Chairs

We have beautiful real wood-top tables that you can use as you'd like. These are high-quality tables that will "wow" your guests... without needing table cloths. We even have some decor available if needed.

Bridal Party Lounges

Have an awesome time getting dressed and outfitted perfectly for the wedding in a beautiful lounge for the bride and one for the groom. We have all the anemities you need to make the pre-game exciting!

Lots of Extras...

Our facility is equipped with walk-in coolers that you can use to store flowers as well as deserts. Plus, lots more. Just ask us...

Our Wedding Venue Pricing Options

Complete Package

Reserve for Two full days...


2 full days of access to setup & host wedding

Set up as you desire

$500 retainer to hold your spot. Refunded unless left messy.

OPTIONAL - $250 extra for table setup

Why Troyers?


Since the Troyers building was first built, it was created to be a space for the community to come and enjoy a peaceful presence.

It was first started as an Amish-type bulk foods store with lots of goodies.

However, after a couple years of hard work, the vision changed.

Instead of a focus on food, we wanted a place for people to connect with those who matter most to them.

Therefore, Troyers was remodeled as an event center.

If you're looking for a peaceful place to connect, Troyers is the perfect place for you to host a gorgeous event!